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Beto Blames Amazon Fire on Trump: It’s Because China Needs New Soybean Producers

‘This is one of the pernicious outcomes of Donald Trump’s trade policies’


O’ROURKE: “This is one of the pernicious outcomes of Donald Trump’s trade policies, this trade war with China that has not only closed markets that farmers in Iowa and across this country have worked their entire lives to open up. It’s not only put them further in debt at a time of declining farm incomes, it is providing an incentive for people to burn down the Amazon rain forest to plant soybeans so that they can sell into China, because China right now is looking for new — new sellers, new producers for those soybeans that they are no longer buying from the United States of America. So our trade policies, our leadership, blown opportunities at the G7 summit to convene those other top wealthy economies to make sure that this is our focus, to save the lungs of the planet that produce 6% of the oxygen that we breathe and to ensure that we do not trigger a crisis in the Amazon. Once it is set, we will never be able to roll back.”

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