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Biden Brings Up the Death of His First Wife and Daughter in 1972 While Speaking in Maui

‘I was a young senator’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: “— America’s deadly wildfire — deadliest wildfire in over a century. And Jill and I have — what’s left — walked front — wat was left of it, we’ve surveyed the damage from the air as well. The devastation is overwhelming. To date, 114 dead. Hundreds of people unaccounted for. I remember when I got the call, my first wife and daughter, I was a young senator and I got a call in Washington, I hadn’t been sworn in yet, I wasn’t old enough. And I was hiring staff in the Capitol, at Teddy Kennedy’s office, and I got a phone call saying, from my fire department, the young first responder kind of panicked, you got to come home, there’s been an accident. I said, what happened? He said, your wife, she’s dead, come home, come home. A tractor trailer had broadsided her and killed her in a car accident, along with my little daughter. And I remember all the way down from Washington to home wondering what a lot of people here are wondering: What about my two boys?”

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