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Biden on His Son Who Married His Dead Son’s Wife: ‘He’s the Most Honorable, Decent Person I Know’

‘He gives me so much credit than I deserve as a dad’


BIDEN: “He’s going to beat this. This kid, I’m telling you, as you know, you knew beau, hunter has heart. He’s fighting. He’s never given up. He’s the most honorable person I and I read that article and all I could do is think of, my God, he gives me so much credit than I deserve as a dad. But it took enormous courage. I knew nothing about that article. Except he told me he was having this long interview. Everybody has to deal with these issues in a way that is consistent with who they are and what they are. This guy is the most generous, honorable man that I know. And I am confident, confident, he’s going to make it. And, look, it’s a — the idea that we treat mental health and, quote, physical health as they’re distinct, it’s health.”

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