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Biden: ‘I Am Disappointed in the Supreme Court Gun Decision ... I Think It’s Not Reasoned Accurately’

‘I think it’s a bad decision’


BIDEN: "I am disappointed with the Supreme Court gun decision. There is one little bit of solace in that the minority making up the majority opinion has laid out that it affects not every state, it affects only 40 states — a lot of states it affects — and the phrase that I found noticeable was, 'There's a difference between states that say 'may' and say 'shall.'' If you have to say you shall give, you shall do ABC, they are the ones that are going to have problems. But most say may and — I got it reversed, 'may' and 'shall.' And so, the gun laws in 40 of these states are still in place based on this decision. Not good enough, but it's — I think it's a bad decision and I think it's not a reasoned accurately, but I’m disappointed."

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