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Biden Slurs Speech as He Urges Americans to Get Vaccinated Against Covid

‘Seniors, it’s time to get vaccinated now’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: "While we have made incredible progress vaccinating three quarters of our seniors and putting vaccination sites within five miles of 90 percent of the public, it still isn’t enough. It’s simple. Seniors, it’s time for you to get vaccinated now. Get vaccinated now. To make it easier, my administration is sending aid to community groups to drive seniors to vaccination sites. We’re incredibly grateful to all the volunteers, houses of worship and civic groups that are helping us in this effort. This is America. We take care of one another. We have to keep it up. As we ask seniors to sign up for their shots now, I also have a message for people under 65. If you know someone over 65 who has not gotten this life-saving vaccine, call them now."

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