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Biden: Trump ‘Has Targeted Me and My Family with Lies and Distortions and Smears’

‘He thinks it will undermine my candidacy for the nomination and the presidency if I am the nominee’
By Grabien Staff


BIDEN: “Folks, he has targeted me and my family with lies and distortions and smears. That is all they are. Because he thinks he will undermine my candidacy for the nomination as well as the presidency if I am the nominee. He is just flat doing what he has always done, lying. Even though the mainstream has called him out for his lies. Do you ever recall a reporter, a mainstream reporter, while the president is speaking, interrupting and saying he is lying? Maybe. I don’t remember. And he is spending tens of millions of dollars this early in the campaign to engage in a Democratic primary to spread lies. He is trying to orchestrate a campaign where truth and the facts are irrelevant. In Goebbelsque terms, you say it long enough, often enough, people might believe it. And his lying is matched only by his manifest incompetence as president."

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