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Biden’s Covid Adviser on Thanksgiving: Stay Home, Stay with the People that You’re Bubbled With

‘Whatever you can do to limit that transmission’
By Grabien Staff


OSTERHOLM: “We have to understand that, you know what? I want to be with my family for Thanksgiving more than I can tell you. I miss my grandkids viscerally, I miss them so much, but you know what? I love them this much so that I'm   not going to be with them this year. I’ll be there virtually but not personally. So, Mike, it's everything we can do to limit this kind of personal contact. Stay home, stay with the people that you’re bubbled with. Whatever you can do to limit that transmission, of potential being together is the key message. And wherever it happens, whether it’s on the farm, whether it's in the city, whether it’s traveling, wherever, limit your exposure to other people.”

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