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Big Tech Hearing Explodes After Rep. Mary Scanlon Accuses Rep. Jordan of Floating ‘Conspiracy Theories’

‘Put your mask on!’


SCANLON: “Thank you, gentleman. I would like to redirect your attention to anti-trust law rather than fringe conspiracy theories. Mr. Bezos, our investigation —“
JORDAN: “Mr. Chairman, we have the e-mail. There is no fringe —“
RASKIN: "It's not your time —"
CICILLINE: “Mr. Jordan, you do not have the time.”
JORDAN: “But, but, she —“
RASKIN: “Put your mask on! Put your mask on!”
JORDAN: “Mr. Raskin, you want to talk about masks —“
CICILLINE: “Mr. Jordan, Ms. Scanlon holds the time.”
JORDAN: "Why would the Deputy Secretary of State unmask Michael Flynn's name, Mr. Raskin? And what I want to know, when someone comes after my motives for asking questions, I get a chance to respond."

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