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Bill Barr: There Are Legitimate Investigations on Trump But NY A.G.’s Case Isn’t One of Them

‘It is simply true there are a lot of long knives after him, and people go after Trump, target him unfairly and apply different standards of justice’
By Grabien Staff


BARR: "Well, you know, that’s the way news is covered these days, as if it's a sporting event and, you know, you're either wearing this jersey or that jersey. And the jersey, you know, I think is specific to the facts and the truth and the individual situation. There are times where people may, you know, be conducting legitimate investigations into some of Trump’s actions, but this isn’t one of them. And it is simply true that there are a lot of long knives out for him, and people tend to go after Trump, target him unfairly, apply different standards of justice. And when that happens, I think it has to be called out."

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