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Bill Gates: Climate Change and Pandemic Similar Issues

‘The two issues are very similar’
By Grabien Staff

GATES: “It is a tragedy that the modest steps that would have been required to contain this epidemic weren’t taken in advance. And so, you know, given the trillions of dollars of damage and the other deficits that are tough to measure, we should make the investment, the small number of billions that we need to ensure ourselves that this never happens again. For the pandemic, the right experts weren’t pulled in, the right resources weren’t put together, and so we basically failed our citizens by making those wise investments. In the case of the pandemic, the good news is that a single miraculous tool, the vaccine, once we make billions of them for the entire world, will largely end this crisis. So the two issues are very similar in that governments in a collaborative way need to come up with a solution, but climate change will kill five times many people per year as the peak of the pandemic by the end of the century and it will be accelerating without a simple tool to stop that right away.”

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