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Bill Kristol, Assessing Trump/Putin Presser, Predicts Mass Trump Admin Resignations

‘I worry. I worry about the country now’
By Grabien Staff


KRISTOL: "Look, Republicans in Congress could do a lot. I suspect some people in the administration, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some resignations especially from the second and third tier officials who have tried to do their best to push back against Trump’s predilections on Russia and now see that they have failed. But again I come back to -- I do feel just personally this has been an ongoing problem. Trump has been a problem as I say and now I feel it’s a crisis of real urgency. And I’m not sure what we can do expect try to contain him in various ways. People in the administration will try to do their best and Congress and elsewhere. But we’ve never had a situation — we’ve had presidents who pursued foolish policies, presidents that have made mistakes, God knows of all kinds, but we’ve never had a president who — have we ever had a president who stood next to a dictator who has attacked our country in all kinds of ways, say nothing of everything else he’s done around the world and basically refused to take sides with the U.S. government against him, and if anything, has bent over backwards to be friendlier to Vladimir Putin than to the U.S. Justice Department, the U.S. intelligence community, prior American administrations. It’s really extraordinary.”

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