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Bill O’Reilly: ‘Mr. Biden Does Not Have the Awareness To Know What’s Happening in the Country’

‘Is anybody gonna back up Joe Biden saying the nation is not divided, anybody?’
By Grabien Staff


O'REILLY: "Even now, 24 hours after Rush Limbaugh’s death, and did Joe Biden pay attention to that? He issued some, you know, statement about it, he feels bad for the family, whatever, nothing important. But even now Joe Biden doesn’t link in the reaction to Rush Limbaugh’s death with the division of the country. Now, I’m not going to insult the President. I’ll insult him if he deserves it, but I’m not going to say that he’s not smart enough to do it or anything like — I’m not going to do that, okay, because that’s unfair. But I will tell you, in my opinion, as an analyst, a fact-based analyst, Mr. Biden does not have the awareness, the awareness to know what’s happening in the country. He does not know what’s happening. So, he was once a traditional Democrat, maybe even conservative, now he is a far-left progressive. Is there an explanation for that? Was there some kind of epiphany that happened? Did the angel Gabriel appear to him and tell him to be a progressive? It's never been explained. Now, to me, it was just expediency. Biden did what he thought he had to do 20 years ago and now he’s doing what he thinks he has to do now. The power has shifted.”

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