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Bill Weld Claims Trump Says ‘a Free Press Is the Enemy of the American People’

‘This is about Donald J. Trump who demands exclusive loyalty from everybody’


WELD: "People say what about Fox News? I’ve been on there plenty. This is about Donald J. Trump who demands exclusive loyalty from everybody. One bit of good news today, we know he wants reporters to roam free in Iran, but the only problem is he doesn’t want them to roam free in the United States because he says to us, a free press is the enemy of the people. And, you know, starting with Jim Comey, as far as I can tell, this president has demanded not only loyalty but exclusive loyalty from everybody. And, you know, not only have to be loyal to him, you’ve got to not be loyal to the truth. We saw that not only with Comey but when he instructed the director of national intelligence, former senator Dan Coates to lie for him in connection with the Mueller probe and three other people. Told them to create phony documents. He said, we can’t do that. That would be a lie. He said, what’s your point? He says, unless people are exclusively loyal to him, complementing him, they’re the enemy. The man is beset by demons and I’m glad I don’t have them. I think they include fear, anger, insecurity. It’s — you know, the school bus driver tests —one of your previous guests mentioned, would you want this guy driving your kids' school bus?"

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