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Blumenthal: ‘Collusion Should Not Be Dismissed Here As a Potential Charge’ Against Trump

‘Collusion should not be dismissed here as a potential charge’
By Grabien Staff

BLITZER: "So you think the obstruction of justice allegation is more serious, more credible right now than collusion. What about money laundering? That’s the third area that Mueller supposedly is looking into."
BLUMENTHAL: "And money laundering, follow the money, is an essential part of this investigation. Collusion should not be dismissed here as a potential charge, whether it’s in a report or an indictment, because there is growing evidence that there was some cooperation or collaboration with the Russians and the Trump campaign. But the obstruction of justice is tied directly to the pd and money laundering is part and parcel of both obstruction and the collusion because it provides a motive."
BLITZER: "Do you think that now the president’s lawyer and the president, presumably, know the topics that Mueller would like to raise in a one-on-one interview with the president, that’s resulted in a much more assertive, negative statements that have been coming out, specifically the attacks on Mueller himself?
BLUMENTHAL: "The increasing intensity and vehemence of these attacks on the special counsel, for the first time, mentioning him by name, I think reflect a growing sense of desperation if the White House. A circling of wagons, the hiring of new counsel, and some of the increasing attacks all indicate that there is certainly a sense of fear growing in the oval Office, as this investigation comes nearer."
BLITZER: "I want to get your reaction to this ABC News report that the FBI deputy director, Andrew Mccabe, who was just fired by the attorney general, Jeff Sessions, actually oversaw an investigation into whether sessions had lied during his congressional testimony. A source close to sessions, by the way, said that the attorney general wasn’t aware of any perjury investigation when he fired Mccabe. Does that concern you?
BLUMENTHAL: "I’m very concerned about this report that the attorney general knew about the FBI investigation of his potential perjury before our committee. Our committee, the judiciary Committee, I think, was misled by him. And plainly, an FBI investigation was appropriate. And I am very eager to learn what more Jeff Sessions knew when he fired Mccabe. I think that is all the more reason for the attorney general to come back to the judiciary Committee and testify under oath about why he misled and apparently even lied to our committee and what he knew when he fired Andrew Mccabe, as FBI director."

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