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Bob Woodward Says He Will Publish an Audio Book with 9 Hours of Trump Interviews

‘We’re going to put out an audio book of 9 hours of Trump that we have never heard before’
By Grabien Staff


WOODWARD: "We’ve got to look at the Democrats as journalists and deal with their behavior, like where is Merrick Garland going to go with these decisions that in a way are going to define where this country goes? So, I mean, inciting of violence, the idea — I’m going through, now, nine hours of Trump interviews I did, that were not published, we’re going to put out an audio book, Simon & Schuster, of 9 hours of Trump that we have never heard before, and you see who this man is, what he cares about, the self-focus, the absence of being concerned about the people out there. This is while he was president in 2020. All this, it is an amazing portrait of a man. And Attorney General Garland, Biden — Biden has been, I believe, accurately quoted saying that he thinks Trump should be prosecuted.”

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