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Bongino on Charlottesville: ‘Free Speech Does Not Include Physical Assault and Throwing of Objects at People’

‘That’s not free speech, that’s straight up hard core criminality and violence’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: "I was a cop in the Giuliani era, and the Giuliani theorem was, 'You throw a bottle, you are going to jail. If the guy behind you throws a bottle, he goes to jail, too. Nobody gets a free pass.' You know what happens? People learn really quickly that that’s not going to go down that way in New York. You go to New York, you have the absolute right to free speech and protest. You absolutely no right as well to launch a bottle, to rip down a statute or burn someone’s house down or to bit a snot out of someone at a rally. That has to be some kind of national police effort on behalf of police management and politicians to set that new standard that no more with this. I'm a free speech absolutist on this, but free speech does not include physical assault and throwing of objects at people. Absolutely not."

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