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Bongino: Dems Write an Article About Election Foreign Interference and then They Investigate Giuliani

‘It is like bizarro Superman land’
By Grabien Staff


BONGINO: "They told us what, the Democrats and their lunatic friends in the media? They told us for three or four years that Vladimir Putin, you know, was giving Trump back rubs and then colluded to win an election. That is what they told us, right? And yet — I was going to cover this tomorrow on my podcast — 'Politico' wrote a piece, I have it right here, here it is, 'Politico' — remember this one from 2017? 'Ukrainian efforts to sabotage Trump backfire.' 'Politico,' the left-wing site —"

HANNITY: "That was, if I’m not mistaken, January 2017."

BONGINO: "Wow. You have a good memory. January 11th. That is correct. By Kenneth Vogel. You can look it up, folks."

HANNITY: "You know what that means? 'Hannity is a loser.' That's what that means."

BONGINO: "No, no, it means you paid attention. But they write an article about foreign interference in elections. Rudy Giuliani says, 'Hey, were you guys interfering in elections?' And they investigate Rudy Giuliani! It is just like Bizarro Superman land. Remember Bizarro? Everything is backwards."

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