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Booker Promises to Reverse Trump’s Tax Cuts and Give 150 Million Americans ‘a Tax Increase’

‘My plan would reverse the tack cuts and give 150 million Americans a tax increase and actually redefine work as we know it’


BOOKER: “This plan is actually the opposite of cost. It actually is going to add to our economy. Remember, the Republicans sold their tax bill as something that would actually grow our economy. What we've seen right now is that it's had a $2 trillion price tag and in other words, it blew a $2 trillion hole in our budget. My plan would reverse those toxic Trump tax cuts and give 150 million Americans to a rise credit a tax increase and actually redefine work as we know it because anybody who knows or has a family member is home taking care of someone with Alzheimer's or a child with special needs, we're going to reclassify that as work now that should also qualify for a tax credit. My tax credit cuts poverty in a third, lifts 150 million in wages, does add to our economy, because when you give it to working people and tax breaks for working people they use that money to get a car or to pay a bill or to get their kid enrolled in child care so they can go to work. And so if you look at my plan, it's actually additive to the economy, it empowers workers, and raises wages and makes it more fair economy, not one that seems to compound benefits at the top ends of income brackets and not for the average worker."

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