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Border Patrol Official Shares a Text Message Intercepted from an MS-13 Gang Member Who Was Part of a Fraudulent Family Unit

‘Entire families are coming’
By Grabien Staff


KARISCH: "I'd like to share with you a translation of a text message that we intercepted from an MS-13 gang member who is part of one of these fraudulent family units. He wrote, 'You should see the amount of Hondurans that are traveling with a child. And they pay less to the smugglers in order to be delivered to the Border Patrol. And it's a direct trip; they have them a few days with Border Patrol and afterwards they are released. There are a lot of people with that law, that is the easiest way right now. Entire families are coming. So make no mistake about it, the word is getting out. If you are a part of a family, if you bring a child, you will be released.'"

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