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Brennan Compares America Under to Trump to ‘a Large and Painful Kidney Stone’

‘The relief we feel afterward is going to be just exhilirating’
By Grabien Staff


WALLACE: "But 40 percent are buying what he's selling, how many of us need to bounce back?"
CLAPPER: "Well, yeah, that's precisely the issue. And how are we going to come out of this? Just a shameless plug, my book's coming out on the 22nd of this month. I wrote it with a collaborator, otherwise I'd never get it done."
MONACO: "You want to mention the title, Jim?"
CLAPPER: "That's all right."
CLAPPER: "I'm not supposed to talk about it."
MONACO: "Oh, ok, sorry."
CLAPPER: "The only argument my collaborator and I had was on the last three pages. And we had a pretty heated argument about how end to the book. You know. So we wrote a happy-faced version and a very dark conclusion. And just ended up about saying, you know, the United States has survived traumas before. A civil war. A trauma I lived through, Vietnam. That was my war, Southeast Asia. And in the end we came out in both cases the better for it. So, and that's where I stopped. I just left it there." 
BRENNAN: "This is a very large and painful national kidney stone. The relief we feel afterward is going to be just exhilirating." 
WALLACE: "I'm not going to let you go on that."
WALLACE: "Because I can't top that. Especially since you're my colleague. This is what I would do to you on TV."

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