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Brian Deese on Baby Formula: ‘Reach Out to Your Pediatrician, Your Health Care Provider’

‘We understand how challenging this is’
By Grabien Staff


DEESE: "Look, we understand how challenging this is. I’m a parent. All of us have experience with just how life-and-death needing to have nutrition for your child is. Right now, first and foremost, if you’ve got a particular challenge, you should reach out to your pediatrician, your health care provider. There are emergency tools and emergency issues in place, including working with Abbott, the manufacturer that you discussed, for particular specialty formulas or otherwise. And we are — and also know that the President was on the phone with major retailers yesterday, on the phone with manufacturers. We are sparing no effort and no tool in our toolbox to try to accelerate this and ramp this up. And I think that we will see some serious production increases and some relief on those shelves as a result of these actions."

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