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Brian Kilmeade: Trump ‘Never Should Have Said Mexico Would Pay for the Wall’

Steve Doocy: ‘I think he did think initially that he would find a way for Mexico to pay for it, but as we know, that did not work’
By Grabien Staff


KILMEADE: "But it’s amazing, the people that could not care less as President Obama’s Administration starved the military year after year and watched it rot away — so the President for the last three years, as General Mattis said, he got 87% of his requests approved. They will be rebuilding. They're taking a small percentage and reprogramming and delaying projects, not canceling them. But it didn’t stop the sensationalist headline while certainly people are concerned about military projects. 'The Daily Beast' writes a headline, 'Trump raids elementary schools to pay for wall: Mexico off the hook.' He is right. The President never should have said Mexico is going to pay for the wall, though he says they’re going to get it in fees at border crossings. 'The Washington Post': 'Pentagon takes money from Puerto Rico, European projects to fund Trump’s wall.'"
DOOCY: "I think he did think initially he would find a way for Mexico to pay for it, but as we know, that didn't work.”

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