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Brian Stelter to Chelsea Manning: ‘What You’re Doing Is an Act of Principle’


STELTER: "What about you? You’re due back on Thursday. Another subpoena for another grand jury. What will happen?"
MANNING: "They stipulated they want to ask the same questions. So this is not about — this is not about anything new. They aren’t even asking anything new. I laid this out."
STELTER: "So you’re going to refuse?"
MANNING: "I’m going to refuse. I think that this grand jury is — I mean, I think all grand juries are improper. I don’t like the secrecy of it. One of the reasons we had so much secrecy and speculation and so much over the Mueller report is because of the secrecy. We would know far more if we would have public hearings, brick the stuff out there. I did. I testified. Before an open court with these journalist there. I have nothing new to provide."
STELTER: "They want to hear from you again. That the the law. Will you be back in jail next weekend?"
MANNING: "It’s going to depend on we certainly have a motion to quash. We’ll raise every legal challenge. We have a very strong case and now we have additional evidence of what our case is."
STELTER: "It up in the air. We don’t know if you’ll be sent to jail again or not?"
MANNING: "We don’t but I think we have a much stronger case in terms of the legal objections, which the previous judge refused to even hear. He refused to even hear or act on the motions. He just simply placed me in contempt and ignored our motions."
STELTER: "We talk all the time about unprinciple politicians and what you’re doing is an act of principle, whether you agree or not, I can see that. Thanks for being here."

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