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Brianna Keilar Thoroughly Dismantles Tucker Carlson’s Denial of Capitol Insurrection, Blasts Fox Host as ‘A Propagandist

‘The attack on the nation’s capitol was a deadly uprising’
By Grabien Staff


KEILAR: "Since he needs things explained to him in pictures, here is one. An insurrectionist parading a Confederate flag through the Capitol, the inaugural appearance there of this symbol, of the American states that tried to secede from this nation under the mantle of slavery, based on the belief that black people were inferior to white people and it was God’s will to enslave them. When Tucker Carlson was arguing against the renaming of military bases named after Confederate generals, and against the tearing down of Confederate statues, he said 'a country is the sum total of its history, good and bad.' He said 'eliminating the past leaves us unable to say who we are.' Well, he is trying to eliminate the present, and he is spoon-feeding it to millions of hungry viewers who tune into his show. 'Healthy societies do not destroy their own history,' he said last summer, but what he didn’t cop to is that he is part of the illness, a propagandist, a liar, a parasite."

(Via Mediaite)

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