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Brokaw: Republicans Are on a ‘Roll’ But Their Views Are Not in the ‘Best Interests’ of the Country

‘I think the system is the most dysfunctional I have seen it in my lifetime’
By Grabien Staff


BROKAW: "Democrats are still playing by the old rules in my judgment. They’re not raising the people who we ought to be hearing from. Two easy examples for me: when Hillary Clinton was running, she took Bernie Sanders' idea and said, 'I’m going to give free college to families with $125,000 or less.' There is no free lunch. At the end of the four years that you get a college education, you owe your country two years of public service. You go into civilian uniforms and you help people who are in military uniforms in some fashion. There are government regulations out there. Look, I lived a lot of my life in the American west. There are regulations there that have no application to the practicality of living out there and doing your business out there. There was no discussion about that whatsoever. On the other hand, Republicans are on a roll. They're very corporate in terms of how they organize themselves across the country and, you know, they have some views that I think are not in the best interests in the long-term of this country. But, you got to give them credit for how they are organized and how they are moving forward."

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