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Brzezinski: ‘Obviously We Have Clear Concerns About the Qualifications’ and the Psychology of Trump

‘Where were the voices of reason? Are there any?’
By Grabien Staff


BRZEZINSKI: “So I have a question that really scares me and I’m trying to think of who to ask it to. David Ignatius has written on the Russia investigation, we’ll get to that piece in a moment, but I think the question is for you because you know everybody in there really well. Obviously we have clear concerns about the qualifications and the personality and the psychology of this president. What does this latest move tell you about the abilities of his — and the qualifications of his — and the mental fitness for the job of his press secretary, his chief of staff and I’m sorry, the influence of Jared and Ivanka which seems to be nowhere, and also his foreign policy team? Where are these people? Why can’t they do anything? Where were the voices of reason? Are there any?”

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