Brzezinski: Trump Hasn’t Put Any Points on the Board; It’s Been All Failures
‘I believe Bannon put himself in front of that and believed he was the fixer on everything and was a disaster’


BRZEZINSKI: "He has not put any points on the board. In fact, it’s been all failures domestically until now. I believe Bannon put himself in front of that and thought he was the kind of fixer on everything, and was a disaster."
SCARBOROUGH: "Politics, just like in most things, the past is always prologue. People in the White House are starting to look at his past and they're starting to say, 'Hey, this guy always ends up blowing himself and people around him up.'"
BRZEZINSKI: "Talk about carnage. Some of the houses he’s lived in."
SCARBOROUGH: "But the past is always prologue and politics. Show me somebody’s past and if they have done it over and over again, they are going to do it in the future and Bannon blew himself up."