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Buttigieg: I Am Not Comforted with Reassurances of Other Freedoms Falling

‘I think right now the focus rightly is on women and the right to choose’
By Grabien Staff


BUTTIGIEG: "Well, I think right now the focus, rightly, is on women and the right to choose. And I will say, you know, for all of my life and all of modern American history, I think the direction that we’ve been going in as a country, the direction that the Constitution has led us to in the Supreme Court, has been one of expanding rights, has been one of expanding freedoms. And suddenly this decision, if this is what the decision will be, represents a retreat from that. The big question is, did we live to see the high watermark of freedom in this country and now we’re going to go back at the expense of women who have for the last 50 years been trusted to make these decisions about their own health, or are we going to push forward? But there are, of course, a lot of other Americans who are wondering whether their rights and freedoms might be next. And needless to say, same-sex marriage is an example of a freedom, of a right that was expanded, that was expanded because it was deemed by the Supreme Court to be something that the Constitution protects, and now you’ve got a Supreme Court that, again, if this memo turns into a decision, appears to have very little regard for precedent. And I’m not comforted by any of the reassurances that that would not lead to other freedoms falling."

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