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Buttigieg: It’s ‘Critically Important’ Equity Is at Center of Infrastructure Conversation

‘Our job is, first of all, to provide the resources’
By Grabien Staff


BUTTIGIEG: “It’s critically important. And it is challenging. You know, if you have segregation caused by, let’s say, a discriminatory hiring policy, at least in theory on paper that policy could be changed overnight. You can’t change the location of a highway overnight. So if it went — especially by design on a pathway deciding a black and white community, or removed a racially minoritized neighborhood which happened time and time again, north and south in this country, it’s going to take a lot to address that. Again, this is an example where many solutions come from the local level. Our job is, first of all, to provide the resources, secondly to provide expectation that the future decisions we make about where sources go promote and do not diminish equity. You know, the history of transportation and justice are much more closely connected than people think.” 

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