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Calif. Woman Goes to Vote, Told She Already Cast a Ballot and that ‘This Has Been Happening All Morning’

‘I said, “No I haven’t”‘

Are these the “shenanigans” Larry Elder warned about?

Today voters in Woodland Hills, Calif., encountered a strange issue upon arriving at their polling station: That they had already voted.

An 88-year-old woman, Estelle Bender, told KTLA-TV that when she arrived at El Camino High School, the poll worker told her the computer indicated she had already voted. 

When she expressed her dismay as to how this could happen, the poll worker told her, “This has been happening all morning.”

And Bender wasn’t the only one. KTLA reports many others at the polling station were reporting encountering the same problems — and the issue seemed to be particularly affecting Republican voters.

When asked who she voted for, Bender said: “Well, I asked the couple [who ran into the same issue] ‘Are you by any chance Republicans?], she said, ‘Yes.’”

Bender says the polling workers wouldn’t tell her whom she supposedly voted for.  

Poll workers said that those who were told they had already voted would be issued provisional ballots.  

“The voters who experienced this issue were offered and provided a provisional ballot — the failsafe option to ensure no one is turned away from voting,” the Los Angeles Registrar-Recorder said in a statement. “Provisional ballots are regular ballots and once the eligibility is verified, they are processed and counted. After troubleshooting the issue, the equipment at the locations was replaced and voting continued.”

On Sunday, CNN mocked Elder’s concerns of voting “shenanigans,” calling them a perpetuation of Trump’s “Big Lie.” 

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