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Carter Page Says He Consulted State Department, FBI, and CIA for Years

‘I mean, I’m acting as a source, completely helping our government’
By Grabien Staff


PAGE: "Well, look, I think there is just completely false stories, whereas you’re correctly alluding to, I told, you know, I was asked various questions, not only by State, FBI et cetera, but also CIA. I had a long-standing relationship with the CIA going back decades essentially. And I was always very transparent, open, and unfortunately, it was completely spun that, as you’re correctly alluding to, in this fake Mueller report, they just refer to this as, 'Oh, he’s, you know, colluding, if you will, with these Russian intelligence officers.' I mean, I’m acting as a source, completely helping our government. And actually, oh, by the way, doing it for free, as opposed to these DNC consultants who are getting paid by the DNC, getting paid by Russian oligarchs, but also getting eleven payments, as Judicial Watch has uncovered, in the year 2016, which is just so unethical."

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