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Carville: Dems ‘Shouldn’t Go out and Tell People How Great the Economy Is’

‘You have to let people feel it’
By Grabien Staff


CARVILLE: "Right, but people live in an economy and they feel it. And we know from the Clinton years and we know from the Obama years that it takes a lot — you have to go pretty deep into a recovery where people are feeling it. And I think he should talk about things they've done to help families cope with cost-of-living increases, like the prescription drugs or releasing the strategic petroleum reserve or other things that they've done to clear up the supply chain. But it's hard — if you tell people they live in a good economy, and they don't think they do, they think that you don't understand their lives. And I think he can talk about things that he's done, he can certainly talk about his infrastructure bill, which is a real magnificent achievement, but I don't agree that they should go out and tell people how great this economy is. You've got to let people feel the economy and they can talk about measures that they're taken to help people deal, which obviously has been a cost of living increase for families across this country."

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