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Carville: We Are Not Going To Win Elections in the Faculty Lounge; People Are Tired of Being Woke

‘Everybody just wanted this temperature to break’
By Grabien Staff


CARVILLE: "And most of the people that are enthused by this kind of dialogue live in Boston, Manhattan, or Washington. We’ll carry D.C. and New York and Massachusetts. We won’t win an election in a faculty lounge. That’s just idiotic. I mean, I’m not saying — that whole assumption is idiotic. And I — the number of people that have contacted me or had people contact me after this has been enormously gratifying. Everybody just wanted this temperature to break. I get people that are woke and are tired of being woke. People want to — after this pandemic and stuff, people want to go about their lives, they want to enjoy it, they want to enjoy it with their friends. They don’t want to be nervous about how you address them or talk to them or anything. And, you know, that’s just where people are. People have gotten fired over this. People have lost their jobs over retweeting academic research. I mean, time and time again, you hear this from everybody and of course people say, 'I don’t want to say anything because I’ll lose my job.' Well, it so happens I’m just at a point where there is nothing to cancel me from so I don’t care. Do what you want to do."

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