‘CBS This Morning’ Hosts Interrogate Manchin About Trump’s Dessert Eating Habits
‘Senator, we’ve got go, but before we go, what was the menu?’


KING: “Senator, we’ve got go, but before you go, what was the menu? Chicken? Beef? Fish?
MANCHIN: “It was a medallion, it was a beef medallion and it was well done.”
O’DONNELL: “Senator, I hate to pry, but did you have one scoop or two scoops of ice cream?”
MANCHIN: “Let me tell you, the ice cream was so perfectly prepared, the ice cream came beside the dessert, Gayle, and it looked like an egg. And I said, 'I wonder why I am getting an egg with my dessert.' I cut into it and it was a beautifully sculpted ice cream.”
ROSE: "The President is said to love dessert. Did he get more desserts than you?"
MANCHIN: "No, he did not. That is a misnomer."
KING: "You sound like a good dinner guest to me, Joe Manchin. Thank you very much for joining us."