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CBS News: Cartels Exploiting ‘A Flood of Migrants To Move A River of Drugs’ Across Border

‘In a year, fentanyl seizures have jumped 800% in Texas’
By Grabien Staff


SHAMLIAN (voice-over): "Jacob is among the more than 88,0000 Americans who died from overdoses in the 12 months ending October 2020, up 19,000 from the same period a year before."
DEL HIERRO: "It'll live with me for the rest of my life. My wife had to watch as I screamed in bed for my son to breathe."
SHAMLIAN (voice-over): "Border Patrol agent Gerry Galvan knows heartbreak like that often starts here."
GALVAN: "They cut into it and set it up beforehand, so they know where they’re going to be coming through."
SHAMLIAN (voice-over): "As agents say, the cartels use a flood of migrants to move a river of drugs.” 

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