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CBS’ Paula Reid Confronts Pence: You’re Telling People to Listen to Health Officials, But You Defied Those Officials By Holding Rallies!

‘How can you say that the campaign is not part of the problem that Dr. Fauci laid out?’
By Grabien Staff


REID: “Thank you, a question for. You and for the doctors on childcare. On the campaign it really does sounds like you’re saying do as we say, not as we do. You’re telling people to listen to local officials, but in Tulsa you defied local health officials. To have an event that didn’t result in a spike, dozens of Secret Service agents are testing, and in Arizona, one of the hardest hit states, you packed a church with young people not wearing masks. How can you say that the campaign is not part of the problem that Dr. Fauci laid out?”

PENCE: “Well, I want to remind again that the freedom of speech and the right to peacefully assemble is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. Even in a health crisis the American people don’t forgood night our constitutional rights. And working with state officials as we did in Oklahoma, as we did in Arizona, we’re creating settings where people can choose to participate in the political process. And we’ll continue to do that. I think it’s — I think it’s really important that we recognize how important — how important freedom and personal responsibility are to this entire equation, and that allowing younger Americans — allowing younger Americans to understand, particularly in the counties that are most impacted, the unique challenges that we’re facing in their age group we think is important.”

(Via Mediaite)

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