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CBS Pittsburgh: Unvaccinated U Pittsburgh Students Subject to ‘Disciplinary Action,’ Will Be ‘Disenrolled’

Some students at the University of Pittsburgh were disenrolled for the spring semester for not complying with the university’s vaccine mandate


STANISH (voice-over): "University announced it will be following a federal mandate put in place by the Biden administration to be fully vaccinated by December 6. In a statement, the university said students and faculty would be given the month of December to get vaccinated before any disciplinary action would be taken. The university would not confirm how many students have been disenrolled, but did tell me in November 93 percent of students and faculty members reported they were fully vaccinated. In a news release, the university spokesperson said the vaccine requirement would affect about 2,500 students, 240 faculty members and 700 staff members who had not yet disclosed their vaccine status. In the meantime, right now, students are under a shelter in place and are learning mostly remotely due to a recent spike in Covid cases across the region."

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