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CDC Director Dr. Redfield: We Should Open Schools This Fall

‘There’s really very significant public health consequences of the school closure’
By Grabien Staff

SCALISE: “CDC has put out multiple documents of guidance for safely reopening schools. Here, checklist for parents, checklist for teachers, guidance for K-12 school administrators on the use of cloth face masks in schools. I know somew people want to make that controversial. This is President Trump’s plan, part of his plan, to safely reopening schools, talked about the use of masks. Here you’ve got the school decision-making tool for parents, caregivers and guardians. Are these all parts of the President’s plan to safely reopen schools?”


SCALISE: “Have you been involved in developing that with President Trump?”


SCALISE: “Do you think that schools should safely reopen this fall with in-person learning?”

REDFIELD: “Yes. I think it’s important to realize that it’s in the public health best interest of K-12 students to get back in face-to-face learning. There’s really very significant public health consequences of the school closure.”

SCALISE: “For example, they lack the ability to detect child abuse that occurs and is detected often in schools. Do you know much child abuse will not be detected if children are not returning to the school?”

REDFIELD: “Clearly we are seeing less reporting of it. And again, I think it’s a direct consequence of the school closures. 7.1 million kids get their mental health service at schools. They get nutritional support, as we mentioned from schools. We are seeing an increase in drug use disorder as well as suicide in adolescence individuals. So I do think it’s really important to realize it’s not public health versus the economy about school opening. It’s public health versus public health of the K-12 to get these schools open. We have to do it safely.”

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