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Charlamagne Tha God: Say What You Will About Trump But He ‘Fights Like Hell,’ Biden Should ‘Start Acting Like Gangsters’

‘He even fights for the ones that are stupid as hell!’


CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD: “It’s amazing how often Joe Biden has to walk things back considering he can barely walk forwards. So voters, especially progressive voters, have seen Biden give up or get overruled. To be fair to Biden, not on everything, though. Like student loan relief. The Supreme Court said he could not do it but Biden has been finding ways because that is much he cares about bribing young people to vote for him. But, on too many issues, he is rolling over. Now, say what you will about Trump. You might not agree with any of his policies, but you’ve probably noticed he fights for them. He even fights for the ones that are stupid as hell!”

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