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Charlie Hurt: Telling a Black Kid America Is Not the Best Country Is About as Bad as Racism

‘This is the freest, best country on earth with unlimited opportunities’
By Grabien Staff

HEMMER: Let me come back — let me come back to that.

Charlie, from Facebook Donna writes the following, how on earth can be expected to unite the country when the media, Democrats, liberals, never Trumpers, et cetera keep pounding away at every word he says and doesn’t say?

That reflects exactly what his supporters think and feel.


HEMMER: And like in the president.

HURT: And also for the previous eight years, it’s not like we had a president who did a very good job of uniting the country after unfortunate incidents like this.

And the president has made very clear that he has denounced these evil groups with no — in no uncertain terms. And so the idea that he hasn’t done that is strange to me.

I grew up down in Virginia, not far from Charlottesville. Literally my entire life we have argued about these statues. And I can tell you that never in — I cannot remember a single time when it was — it ever became violent or — you know, their tempers flare. People are very passionate about it. But there aren’t racists and there aren’t — you know, it — none — these people that came from the outside to create this mayhem in Charlottesville, they’re the only ones winning right now. And it’s a very, very bad for our country.

And this notion — and that we have an entire party that is built on the notion that America is a racist place, and it’s not. And it’s a very damaging thing to perpetuate.

When — I cover Detroit Public Schools for five years. And when I think of a black kid in Detroit Public Schools being told — given the message from day one that this is a racist country, you’ll never survive because of the color of your skin, you are sentencing that child to a very bleak future.

The truth is that we have problems, we have disagreements, but we — this is the freest, best country on earth with unlimited opportunities. And to tell a kid anything other than that I think is about as bad as racism.

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