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Charlie Kirk: NBA Is up in Arms on N. Carolina’s Bathroom Laws Yet Kowtow to China

‘It is an absolute disgrace’
By Grabien Staff


KIRK: “One of the most significant and longest lasting legacies of his presidency will be the focus on China. People who laughed at China five or six years ago and even Democrats are taking this threat of our greatest enemy China seriously. The National Basketball Association they protested North Carolina’s law that was about single use bathrooms. Remember that? And they said we will never have another basketball game and everyone freaked out oh — and yet in China, they have Muslims in concentration camps, no exaggeration, actual concentration camps millions of Muslims NBA is perfectly fine with that? They are the biggest abusers of human rights in the entire world. They are building islands in The South China Sea. They are America’s enemy. The NBA is perfectly fine with that. It is an absolute disgrace.”

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