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Charlottesville Mayor: White Nationalists Are on the ‘Losing Side of History’

‘They’re going to be in the trash heap of history’
By Grabien Staff


SIGNER: "There is a very sad and regrettable coarseness in our politics that we’ve all seen too much of today. Our opponents have become our enemies, debate has become intimidation. What democracy is about, and we know this here, because we’re the birth place of democracy, it’s about deliberation, it’s about action, it’s about progress, it’s about working together and it’s about at the end of the day, if you disagree with somebody, you don’t try to take them down. You agree to move forward. These folks do not want that. They do not agree with the rules of democracy and they are on the losing side of history. The work of rebuilding, of healing is just beginning today. Tomorrow will come and we will emerge, I can promise you, stronger than ever."

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