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Chef José Andrés: Trump Has ‘a Lot of Blame to Take’ for Puerto Rico Deaths

‘I don’t think President Trump is helping for example this next hurricane, he’s praising himself’
By Grabien Staff


ANDRES: "I think a president, any leader, President Trump, a leader is here to praise their people and to take responsibility to the faults. That is what any leader should be doing. I don’t think President Trump is helping, for example, this next hurricane, but he’s praising himself for all the great things he did. I think a president should be leading their people, telling them we need to be ready, we need to learn from past shortfalls and past mistakes so we make sure that these will never happen again. More than 3,000 people died in Puerto Rico and actually President Trump, as the leader of America, has let’s say a lot of blame to take."

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