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Chris Bedford: If There’s a Cabal in Alzheimer’s Research, Then What Does it Mean for Climate Science? Covid?

‘The lead scientist knew better and looked past some of what appears to be fraudulent data’
By Grabien Staff


BEDFORD: “But then there was this electric new study that came out, that got everyone excited, and everyone looked past it. The lead scientists who knew better, there's no sign of them being corrupt, looked past some of their assistants' what appears to be completely fraudulent data because they were so assured, and at the end there has become a cabal in the Alzheimer's science community, something one of the senior government researchers described as more of a religious cult than actual science. That kind of groupthink where people are very protective, were the strongest voices in the room, were saying this is the only way they could put money toward it. When that takes charge in Alzheimer’s, you know — that’s a science that has got no access to real political power, real political money — you know that if that can take hold in Alzheimer’s science, what does it mean for global warming, what does it mean for Covid, what does it mean for other sciences where the scientists could join the cult, get real power over our daily lives?"

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