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Chris Christie: Biden Justice Department’s Actions Are ‘Outrageous’

‘The Attorney General should show some integrity and knock it off because his reputation is dropping fast’
By Grabien Staff


CHRISTIE: “I could tell you as a U.S. attorney when the patriot act was passed. As a U.S. attorney who used the patriot act against real terrorists. What we assured people all the time that we would never ever use it in a way that was inappropriate. Joe Biden’s Justice Department now seems to have broken that pledge. It’s outrageous. I also was one of the people who went up and helped to get the patriot act reauthorized during the Bush 43 Administration as a U.S. attorney who had used it and used it to stop a shoulder-fired missile case from shooting airplanes down that Newark airport. That is what the patriot act was supposed to be used for, not from parents who are rightfully and raising concerns to school boards about what their children are being taught. It’s outrageous. It’s The National teachers union, The National school boards association who has unbelievable influence in the white show because Jill Biden is one of their members. The attorney general should show some integrity.”

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