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Chris Cuomo Erupts at Scott Atlas for Encouraging Large Thanksgiving Gatherings Amid Covid Spike

‘This isn’t Fauci’s fight’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: "What the hell are you doing here? Yeah, it could be their last Thanksgiving if you expose them to people who aren’t wearing masks, who aren’t socially distancing, and haven’t been doing so and haven’t gotten tested because they somehow think they don’t want to get in on the con of Covid. You know, you want to hide on state news, you do it. But some day, you are going to have to deal with real questions. And either you are going to come on a show and you'll do it, but you know what, we may go back to old school and maybe the questions will come find you. Maybe when you are living your life nice and easy because you don’t have the concerns that these same people that you are telling to rise up, that they have, maybe the questions will come find you because you have to answer for that kind of guidance. Let alone, it is a doctor. Do no harm? Invite grandma? This could be her last Thanksgiving? Yeah, if you invite her to a place where she can get sick and die." 

(Via Mediaite)

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