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Chris Cuomo on the Eve of the 20th Anniversary of 9/11: ‘I Am Haunted Still Every Time I Look at the Sky Downtown’

‘I feel what went through my body as the towers came crashing down’
By Grabien Staff


CUOMO: “We promised we would never forget 9/11. Now, this is not a topic that I like to talk about. But tonight we have to. I think we have to talk about what never forget meant because it wasn’t a call to simply remember the event or who was lost or how many, 2,977, most here in New York. Too many, never even found. To never forget who did it. Who could forget? I am haunted still every time I look at the sky downtown. I still see the collapse. I feel what went through my body as the towers came crashing down. Being covered in pulverized powder. What filled my eyes, ears, overwhelmed all my senses. It was a day that you could never forget. In fact, to kind of remember it I keep some of it. Actually forgot it tonight but I keep some of it right next to my desk. My senior producer tyrese just handed it to me. I keep it because not just simply to remember but because of what is in here, of what it meant. What it meant about us, about the people I would never find, the people I would never see again, the people I would never forget. I remember it all.”

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