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MSNBC’s Matthews on Shooting: Blame America’s ‘Violent,’ ‘Free Society’

‘We are a pretty violent society’
By Grabien Staff

America's "violent" and "free society" is to blame for Friday's mass shooting in Fort Lauderdale, Chris Matthews said.

Unlike India, where Chris Matthews said he recently enjoyed visiting, America is "a pretty violent society."

"I've always sensed, based on the stats, that not just counting guns but other means of killing somebody that we are a pretty violent society," Matthews said. 

After his guest offered up the idea that video games might be a "contributing factor" to the mass shooting, Matthews pivoted back to America's violent tendencies. 

"I just think it's part of our free society. And, you might say that the fallout of a free society is that occasionally people are going to do this kind of thing."

Later in the program, Matthews said the Second Amendment should not allow Americans to put guns inside checked luggage. 

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