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Christie: Leaking Mueller Indictment to CNN Is Potentially a Criminal Violation

‘I think the good news from the President’s perspective is he’s not under investigation’
By Grabien Staff

TAPPER: And joining me now is one of President Trump's most enthusiastic supporters, the Republican governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. 

Governor Christie, good to see you, as always. Thanks for joining us. 

CHRISTIE: Thank you for having me, Jake. 

TAPPER: So, CNN broke the news this weekend that Bob Mueller's grand jury has approved its first charges. 

As a former U.S. attorney general, do you think President Trump's associates should be worried about what might be allowed to unfold?

CHRISTIE: Well, listen, I think anybody who has been advised by the special counsel's office that they're a target of the investigation, which I'm sure he's done to those people who are, should be concerned. 

And I will tell you what else we should be concerned about, the fact that CNN has this information. As you know, Jake, there are very, very strict laws on grand jury secrecy. And so depending upon who leaked this to CNN, that's a criminal violation potentially. 

So, you know, I think for us to have confidence in this process, we have got to make sure that the grand jury process remains confidential, remains secret, so that the special counsel can work effectively to be able to get to the bottom of all that he's looking into. 

I think the good news from the president's perspective is, he's not under investigation. And the fact is that, if something comes up this week, as CNN's reported, then we will move from there on the legal process. 

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