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Claire McCaskill To Elizabeth Warren: Stop Lecturing, Be More Relatable

‘I think you have to swing to the fences with humor’
By Grabien Staff


McCASKILL: “I think you have to swing for the fences with humor. You have to swing for the fences with people being comfortable that you’re in command of the policy, but not so in command of the policy that you’re not relatable. That’s Elizabeth’s challenge frankly, sometimes. You know, she comes very close to that professor I just wanted to be quiet. You know, like, I read the material, I get it, quit lecturing me. So she has to be relatable and warm. All of them do. If they can come out of this distinguishing themselves from the others by virtue of promoting who they are as opposed to — I don’t think they’ll move it just by going after Joe. I think it’s obvious."

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